1. Daily follow up the IT helpdesk operation & monitoring company’s Systems (include PC/Laptop & other devices), troubleshoot & resolve related problems.
  2. IT purchasing: buy new IT assets & get support from the vendor.
  3. IT inventory administrator: manage list/collection of IT devices, hardware, and software. Up-to-date inventory record for all IT equipment.
  4. Follow up & support end-users based on the IT Policy of the company & ensure all users comply with IT & Network security policies.
    1. Reset, clean all data, encrypt devices before handling to employee
    2. Config devices managements software, anti-virus base on instructions
    3. Track and support devices update follow company policies
    4. Enforce others security requirements follow company policies
  5. Prepare new assets for end-user & other offices: set up new Laptop/PC/Phone, necessary software for work.
  6. Carry out other IT related jobs when required, training other people on IT topics.
  7. Support DevSecOp team


1. Your Skills and Experience:

  • Have 2+ years of experience in an IT help desk role.
  • Responsible for day-to-day PC support
  • Enforce IT security policies.
  • Good experience in Helpdesk support and IT operations.

2. Technical skills required:

  • Familiarity with both LDAP and AD
  • Experience with MDM for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Ubuntu system

3. Personnel skills required:

  • Able to work independently and work directly with foreigners
  • Proactive and open-minded
  • Customer service mindset
  • Hands-on and can-do attitude.